So. So. So. So. Soooo. Many. Pets.


StormetteI’m not sure exactly when, but at some point after 200 or so pets, you kind of stop counting. The 200 was significant because of the Zen Pet Hunter (200 captured pets) Achievement, the numbers only matter in the Pets I Want column, as opposed to the ‘Pets I Have’ column. There are just so many pets in my spell book I can’t possibly remember them all. But with the release of Warlords of Draenor, the prize of Stormwing. Stormwing, a flying pet with the Lightning Storm ability (if you care about battle abilities), is also one of the most beautiful pets ever designed. The blue is so so so royal and gorgeous. I absolutely love the look of this gorgeous bird.  I am really happy with it anyway. Can’t beat a good blue. Except maybe with a good purple.

But I digress. So, I discovered I had 12 pets to go for So. Many Pets. when the expansion was released. Ten days later:

So - Many - Pets

I’m not sure that’s something most people would think I should be proud of – ha ha! -

A few people helped me along the way. I want to especially thank Jeppy for my surprise gifts of two new Draenor pets that I had not gotten yet! Here I am, chilling with the Jeplord the Netherspawn. I wanted to name my Netherspawn Warlord Jeppy, but I had to compromise.


It’s been quite the Pet focused thing for me the first 10 days of the expansion – more about the Elekk Plushie on another day – but I still feel like I haven’t given them enough love. With all these new pets, I need time to take them out. Look at them. Feed them. Hold them. And love them. Time for some of the old ones to take a back seat for a while!



And then the Cows Came …

Leading the herd home - Last deck of Nemelex Xobe

If you were one of the very confused people running past me try to shed some light on what you saw. Because if you thought you saw a well-dressed shadow priest being protected by a herd of cows … you were NOT hallucinating.

I bought the Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh at the Darkmoon Faire last month. It has a limited number of random ‘buffs’ or ‘debuffs’ that you draw from the deck of cards. When all 52 cards are gone … so is the deck. I’ve used it 4 times now. And last night, it summoned these lovely dairy cows to assist me. They were pretty bad ass too.

Not thinking of starting up a dairy farm though.

Helvette the Dairy Queen

The Ghostpup

Frost Ghostwolf pup - Helvette level 94So happy! The pet I had really really set my sights on when I glanced over the ‘new releases’ was the Frostwolf Ghostpup. I was dismayed to find that it was an Archaeology pet … my luck with digging is abysmal. But @mumper (Cory Stockton) assured me that it would not be nearly as difficult as the Vial of the Sands (I should HOPE not!)

I decided to dig as soon as I got to Draenor just to be on the safe side. And here it is, my little Kerrie — named for Kerrigan. My pup is a female, and she’s kind of ridiculously cute. Although I am still a cat lady.



Correcting a wrong with a wrong


You get a puppy at the start, because you need to have a happy place to return to if this post makes you angry at the world or angry with me. So that should serve as a WARNING. This is a post about a couple of things. It is a parenting post describing my outrage at the implication that my son had no right to speak his opinion. And it is a post about feminism, social justice, and sexism.

In my previous post, I briefly described what had happened to my son in his Debate class the other day. To recap what happened: My 16 year old is a Junior in high school.   In debate class, discussion turned to giving more weight to submissions (I believe it was a writing contest – but I could be wrong on that detail) from women than those of men in order to have equal representation from the two sexes among the finalists. My son said quickly spoke up and said he believed each work should just be based on its own merits.  His teacher said, and I believe this is a direct quote, since I’ve heard it from 3 people separately – “Do not open your mouth; you are a man.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is so much wrong with this. But I am pretty sure I know people who would side with her. I believe their argument is something like this: because men come from a position of privilege, they are incapable of seeing the world from the position of the Other (in this case the oppressed woman), and that if he recognizes this position of privilege he should let women only speak in this matter since they, as the oppressed and discriminated against are the only ones who can properly define the problem and educate him on what the world is really like. This is probably a derisively toned version of the argument, but I have difficulty taking it seriously.

Effectively, this is sexism. Because you are a man, you have no right to speak. Righting one sexist wrong with another only creates a larger wrong. “Your sex oppressed my sex for so many centuries, now I get to tell you to shut the fuck up in return.” Talk about sins of the fathers and all that. Sounds like revenge to me.

We have always tried to teach both our boys that everyone in the world deserves equal opportunity. I am a Libertarian. I believe in personal liberty both socially, morally, and financially. This also means that I have a very strong belief in equal opportunity. I believe that affirmative action is a form of discrimination in itself. My oldest son applied to every Ivy League university, but we knew he had next to a zero chance of admittance because of those universities’ discrimination against white males who are not in acute financial need. They fill their affirmative action quotas first, THEN they look at people like my son. I’m not saying my boys are not privileged, but they are also at a distinct disadvantage in that sort of situation.

We have actively tried to prepare them for this. But I never prepared him for the sort of “shut up – you have no right to speak” situation he was placed in the other day. I am proud of how open and accepting my sons are. They meet most people with an open mind, and try to judge on merits, not gender, sexual orientation or color. Or accent for that matter. But that viewpoint is not valued. It is dismissed as not even worthy of a voice.

The fact that it was his DEBATE teacher who shut him down like this only makes me angrier.

He has asked me not to say anything at or to school. He would rather not have an uncomfortable school year, and he really enjoys debate – so I will not make a fuss. But I am angry.

I know my viewpoint is not popular amongst many of the people I interact with. But tough. Comment away if you want, but hateful comments and trolls will be cheerfully deleted.

Not even allowed an opinion??


Seriously upset by my son’s debate teacher telling him: ‘don’t even open your mouth – you’re a man’ when he expressed an opinion on an issue involving equality for women.

I want to write a long blog post explaining my reaction to this but am terrified of backlash from Social Justice Warriors. That’s terrorism succeeding.


Afternoon edit: if I have time today or tomorrow I will write. Thanks for encouragement.

Forsaken at Heart

No, this is not how most people know Helvette. And, you’re right, it’s not Helvette. This is the Warlock, who changes names every time I blog about her. Although I really like this one. Especially will suit when she race changes back to Blood El

she is Undead today for a visual experiment to testout something that’s been on my mind since the Thursday night before BlizzCon At least in my conscious mind.

Hexabelle undead

Helvette is a “Vanilla baby”. Born and bred on Dungeon sets, UBRS and a LOT of ZG20. So, obviously, she has not always been a blood Elf. She began life in Brill. Helvete means Hell in Norwegian. I was determined never to be mistaken for a Holy Priest.

I loved her as Undead. I really did. I wasn’t expecting to so. The circumstances of Helvette going on hiatus as Burning Crusade came along were rocky. I needed a big, big cleans. I played a Blood Elf Mage, and a Draenei Hunter through MOST of Burning Crusade. The cleanse was long. But it worked. Helvette came out of retirement. And got a beautiful face lift. No one can deny the FemBElfs are beautiful. Well, crazy people could, I guess (no accusations LOL) I’ve loved her as Blood Elf too, and have gotten used to the extra ‘t’ that came along wiht my move to Earthen Ring some time ago.

Then last Thursday night. Jonathan LeCraft was unfortunate enough to be trapped by me for much of the evening (there may have been vodka involved), and we got to talking about Helvette. I told him about her plastic surgery.

And he said, “But are you still Forsaken at heart?”

My response was instant. “Yes! I prefer the Undercity Skeletal Warhorses. Preferably the purple one – my first ever epic mount. Or Onyxia. You an’t even fly in Silvermoon. And I remember her ‘younger years’ in Brill. In Hillsbrad. And I love Sylvanas. I am a true sucker for heartbreaking stories of strong women. The point being: YES! I still THINK of her as undead, although I love ‘dressing her up’ with transmogs and pretty clothes as a Blood Elf. Such an observant question.

Hexabelle undead with Basil

Then Warlords of Draenor. Then NEW MODELS. I’m so impressed with the new Forsaken models. And, got super curious. So, today, I race changed the poor abused Warlock. I tried to choose the same options Helvtte had as undead. Wow! It was actually a little tricky, since the looks are SO well done. I was so impressed. Hexabellla here looks vibrant, a real person. The textures move, feel tactile. And the facial options felt like someone I could ‘be.’ I was so pleased with the results that I quickly got her a long robe instead of her slightly more Succubus-leaning current attire to get a better feel for whether I could maybe want to go back.

So, the big question then:

Do I return her to her new improved ‘original’ state?


BlizzCon Charity Auction – Lessons for the Organizers?

MineI am beyond squeeing at this: I have won the BlizzCon Charity Auction for this gorgeous statue of The Queen of Blades. The Kerrigan statue has previously been a gift for employees, and is a limited edition. As soon as I saw it on the list of items when this year’s auction was announced and instantly knew I would be bidding. The husband and I agreed on a max we were willing to commit to. And the nervous wait started. I went to see it at BlizzCon and could barely look at it. I was afraid to fall even more in love and be disappointed.

You know me and Kerrigan. She’s my girl.

I got up at 3:00 AM this morning, because the eBay auction ended at 4:00 AM my time. I had not placed a bid before then. I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to auctions, and I definitely did not want to show my hand early. Nor did I officially confirm on Twitter or FaceBook what I was bidding on. No need to get some troll to ruin it all for me.

We also won an auction last year, for the Diablo Box art signed and framed. It’s spectacular, and I feel super fortunate to have it.

But the auction felt completely different this year. And we spent way more money last year. And the thing is, I would have spent the same amount this year, but didn’t have to do so. And I feel the new format is why we did not spend as much.

This year, the BlizzCon charity auction organizers chose to make the auction available not only to BlizzCon attendees but also to anyone who could access eBay. And the auction, as a result, was ‘on’ for much longer than 3 days. There are a few reasons why I think this was a mistake:

1. The excitement of bidding while there disappeared. We were trying to speculate WHO our competition was.  We continually came back to the art to check our bid, and we were fairly sure who our competitors were. This was a game in itself.

2. We bid in far higher increments. Because of the way eBay bidding works, we bid in $10 or $20 increments (I can’t remember what the exact increasing dollar amounts are). There was no need to strategically bid ‘just enough’ to let your competition know you were serious, yet not so much that you felt you couldn’t go higher. And my husband and I actually bid AGAINST each other last year, convinced that we would scare off the main other bidders if they thought there were three bidders seriously in the race. It did scare them off, but we probably spent more than we had to. Of course this was great for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOOC), but we spent more.

So this year, when I started bidding, I bid as low as I had to. Of course thinking of my own pocket book. There was no one to ‘scare off’ – and I tried securing my bid by telling eBay how much I would in the end probably stop at. I was willing to pay more than double what I finally paid. I’m not saying they would have gotten quite that much if  the bidding had been ‘live’ at BlizzCon, but I probably would have made my opening bid higher in order to hopefully scare anyone else off.

3. The auction end time was ridiculous. 4 AM mountain???? Really??? More people might have watched the end if it had been at a reasonable time. I watched many of the auctions rather closely, and very few of them went for much more than they were going for at the end of last weekend – the end of BlizzCon.

4. The whole idea that you ‘bought it at BlizzCon’ is completely gone.

These are just my personal feelings. I’m happy I won at a price I feel is a bargain, but Children’s Hospital of Orange County could have gotten more from me.

Anyway, I’m super happy – and feel fortunate, and can’t wait to get her home on or before December 15th!




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