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Helvette in Dread Wastes with The Crawling Claw.


Short version: Many, many, many artifacts later ( I actually list some of them below), I finally dig up the Crawling Claw!

Long version:

I have been digging for a long time. I have 5 maxed archaeologists, and had almost finished maxing both the monk and the hunter.   To be fair I actually quite enjoy the digging. And I have gotten some pretty cool things from it. I like the Umbrella of Chi-Ji of course. And the Highborne Soul Mirror is semi-cool. The Pterrodax Hatchling is an unexpected surprise star. But let’s face it. I have been digging because I covet three things: The Vial of the Sands, the Fossilized Raptor, and the Crawling Claw. I currently have neither mount. But last night, as you see, I was rewarded with the extremely elusive Crawling Claw. I don’t mind the digging apart from a few places – Southshore Fossil Field and the ginormous fossil field in Un’Goro spring to mind – , but I think that someone got just a LITTLE over zealous on the Night Elf sites. And, if you were hoping for Tol’Vir dig sites before you got to Pandaria, you just about ignore the Eastern Kingdom sites completely. But there’s are some neat things to fill up your bank (bring on that toy interface!)

To give you an idea of how much I have been digging  I will mention some of the rares I have gotten BEFORE I could hand in Pandarian restored artifacts for Tol’Vir fragments. Because, you know, I like to moan about how much I have honestly been trying before I was successful!

And in addition to the Tol’Vir rares listed above  (the last two items), the diggers completed a few other Tol’Vir projects:

  • 20 – Vixxyne – BE Warrior
  • 2 – Snazzie – 86 gnome mage
  • 12 – Myinx – BE Mage
  • 18 – Helvette - BE Shadow Priest
  • Tallulabelle – BE Paladin- zero – just getting her through the 500s without getting a single Tol’Vir dig
  • 6 – Silje – BE Warlock who hit the jackpot yesterday!
  • 2 – Myinxette – 86 BE monk

When Silje finally got the Research Project, she was only digging in Pandaria,  exchanging projects for Tol’Vir fragments. In order to get the required amount of fragments, she had to solve no less than TWO Pandaren rares. Because, you know, I hadn’t dug enough yet.

So happy to finally have it! First pet in a long time I’ve really looked forward to leveling to 25! If you want to see it in action without getting your very own, go battle Headless Jacob’s set of three Undead Pets in Crystalsong Forest for a laugh!



The Mummified Monkey Paw – It exists!!

At first, I didn't realize what I was looking at!

At first, I didn’t realize what I was looking at! ….
But then! But then!! Five max level archaeologists, one at 550 just for this. They all dig all the time. 4 of them for Tol’Vir (well, I trade in) and one of them for Fossil. Two years later, 4 times a week on all of them. Finally!!!
Yes,  it IS the Crawling Claw!
Be right back, gotta dig 137 fragments.

The URL Badman –

Not sure ‘recommend’ is the right word here, G+, but I’ll run with it.

This man has effectively undermined and belittled every intelligent, observant and relevant thing that Lily Allen is saying in this video by ‘playing the race card.’ (Does that term fit here?)

By – I personally think, wrongly – calling her a racist after viewing her video, he has effectively silenced her amazing commentary on women’s lot in the entertainment industry and beyond. If you argue with him, you are obviously racist yourself. At least that’s my experience. I’ve been told I don’t even KNOW I’m racist. By people who do not know me … not the first thing about my background (very white, very privileged, I admit, but they don’t know that).

As a side not – how insulting is THAT: being told that you do not even KNOW you are racist? As a person who is prone to self-examination and worry that she will fall into JUST such a trap, I find that very insulting indeed. I’m too stupid to know myself.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with Joe Bishop and his name calling. With his name calling he has tried to silence her. And if you call him out, you’re as evil as she is.

Well done. Joe Bishop. Stomp on the best artistic statement I have seen on what it’s like to be a woman in a sexist world. Well done.

Oh, and she’s not bashing on ‘us bloggers’. She is bashing on trolls. Trolls like you.

His ‘reply’ to URL Badman is Here in The Guardian. 

And video to the amazing Hard Out Here is one YouTube.



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