THIS is fun Shadow Priesting!

Helvette the Crazy Cat Lady - Absolution-MoonclothI don’t understand the complaining about the SP changes on the official forums; I am THRILLED with the change in performance –

It’s taking a while to get used to what will work best with the changes, but I have an overwhelmingly positive response so far. So worried it will be taken away from me.

My one criticism after playing all weekend is the Void Tendril talent – basically anything I do will kill the tendrils instantly, they’re pretty much useless.

Also, I had gotten very accustomed to ‘cheating’ with a renew now and then. And relied maybe a little much on an emergency group heal with Halo. But the Dispersion mechanic is actually fun and new and exciting and something to learn.  It’s fun living on the edge!

Helvette jumping

Two months into a half-empty nest


It’s definitely time to update how I feel about the kid being gone to college in the big city. He’s been living ‘on his own’ now for two months. It’s hard to describe how I feel. Most days I would tell you that “Oh no, I don’t miss him.”  But this, of course, is not the case. I don’t pine for him either though. And I’m not sad. The feeling is a mother who cannot read the little signs that tell her how her son is really doing.

In many ways, I enjoy not having him home. (Sorry, son! Not to be confused with not loving you!) He took up a lot of space – as young men do when they get older. Tall, gangly, shedding socks in some magical way. The upstairs hallway doesn’t smell of his deodorant after he’s done in the shower in the morning. I can’t hear him and his brother bicker. I don’t have to listen for the garage door to know he’s home safe. His room is no longer a mess (I fixed that, finally!)  And well, more of that sort of stuff.

But of course I miss him! He’s such a fun, bright, caring young man. His brother is not quite as reliable at bringing groceries in from the car when he hears me (Oh – I didn’t know you were home). He is funny. And I DON’T KNOW HOW HE REALLY IS DOING. His father would tell me that’s how it is supposed to be. He is growing up, and that is a good thing. And I really feel that way too. But it’s hard.  He tells me he’s happy – that he’s really loving the whole experience. I’m betting that’s true. But I don’t know if he keeps something back. BECAUSE I CAN’T TELL! He has always been keen to do the ‘right’ ‘polite’ thing. To tell me what I want to hear. And that makes me worry he’s just trying not to worry me. (or something like that). Is he lonely? Does he enjoy it there? Does he hate the roommate that he’s mentioned is a bit of a problem of weekends? Does he know he can probably fix that issue? What are his friends like? Does he feel comfortable with them?

It’s like the first day of 1st grade or Kindergarten, except lasting much much much longer.

I’m OK – I don’t want to sound like I’m whiny or feeling purposeless or feeling frantic. But there are these underlying things that I feel. And I think it’s just hard for a Mom. Because the role never stops.


Arthas for Hallows End?


Widget the Departed

When I went to buy my Widget the Departed with my Painstakingly acquired 150 (the first of two sets of 150 if I want the Cursed Birman too), I had a look at Chub’s other wares. Nifty! A 50 use Lich King costume!!  FOR 1000 yes – ONE THOUSAND candy!  Yaikes – not this year!  But read on:
arthas costumeWhen I did some more digging, I found a link to this helpful post from Bashiok:

hotfix arthas

It looks like, as of tomorrow (Monday Oct 20) hotfixes, it will be halved. Nothing’s true till it happens, but it would be a BIT of an improvement!

I really don’t like the ‘around the world’ collection achievements and holiday activities, so I hope to force myself to do the 150 still needed for the Cursed Birman :(

Which pet or costume will YOU prioritize?


Dimond Saints Layla Remix – awesome stuff

Free music can be so much better than the stuff that’s available to buy! I love this track.

Spreading the Love

Hearth Heroes

Yes, tomorrow is patch day. The long-awaited, dramatic changes patch day. And they are dramatic. And they are exciting. However, I have OTHER plans too! Overly ambitious probably. I am planning to spend at least a few hours or more in both Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Because BlizzCon is coming!

Last year, at my first BlizzCon, I fell in love with StarCraft. Watching this amazing ESports game live was so exciting! I had no idea what was going on most of the time, but I loved it! And I played a lot of StarCraft as a result. This year, I will have a MUCH better idea of what is going on at the World Championship Series Global Finals. But the StarCraft II tournament is not the only ESports event at BlizzCon. There are also Heroes of the Storm (currently in Alpha) and Hearthstone tournaments happening. Both of these games I have spent a grand total of 45 minutes in. Combined.  I want to be able to spectate more intelligently this year. So, I will ‘research’ and ‘study’ arduously to this end.




Staying Klaxxi

If you are reading this to find out more about the Stay Klaxxi achievement specifically, I talk about it right below the pictue.

Keeping myself from heading over to the Beta servers and checking out ‘just the Alliance side’, has been getting trickier the past few weekends.  I feel done with this expansion on so many levels. I have loved it. Loved so many things about it – which you will hear about soon™. But I am so ready now. Ready for NEW STUFF. For a cleanse.

I actually don’t have much interest in the heirloom weapon. Heirlooms are not an entirely positive addition to the game, in my opinion. I have ambivalent feelings about them. I usually do not actually want to race through content. So there went the last smidgen of interest I had in raiding any more in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Therefore, I have been getting inventive.

I have never actually been a real ‘Achievement Hunter’. Not  completely anyway. I have certainly found some of them interesting, but I never sort of went ‘all out’ with them.  That seems  to have changed completely recently! I am officially hunting! A few weeks ago, I realized I was approaching 10000 Achievement points. I decided to make the 10K the goal before Warlords.  If you start browsing your achievement tab, I’m sure many of you will have the same realization that I did: Many of them are almost finished! Woot! I started with some ‘easy’ ones … the /love critter achievements, for example.  I had ONE tiny little spot in Vashjir left to discover before I had finished the entire Explorer achievement! Duh. I threw expired brew at brawler enthusiasts. That sort of thing.  Then, I decided since I spend a freakish amount of time digging archeology digs in the Dread Wastes, I would look for something there! Enter Stay Klaxxi.

Staying Klaxxi -

The Stay Klaxxi achievement doesn’t sound insurmountable. Five Klaxxi dailies with each of the buffs from the Paragons. And you can have two buffs on at a time. And quests like the Daily for Now I Am the Master (Multitasking!) count. Well, the theory is all very good.

If, like me, however, you choose to complete this achievement on a character that didn’t follow the Klaxxi chain step by step, you could find some, shall we say, frustrating, moments. I barely touched the Dread Wastes with my first 90, Tallulabelle. As soon as I found out that the Blacksmithing plans were Klaxxi rep, I decided that would be my warrior and blacksmith, Vixxyne’s job. She followed it religiously. By the time Helvette arrived there, I was obsessed with pet battles, not wakening Paragons.

I had a few paragons wakened, and started with those buffs. I think the ones I had were sort of haphazardly acquired breadcrumbs as I flew around pet battling and digging. So I didn’t exactly wake them all ‘in order’. A few days ago, I was stuck missing two Paragons. WHERE WERE Kaz’tik the Manipulator and Rik’kal the Dissector?????? Argh! My research told me I needed to find some amber near the Saurok Oracle in the Briny Muck. I couldn’t click that thing. And flying around aimlessly looking for quest exclamation marks can be incredibly frustrating.  A few days earlier I had realized that I needed to complete all the quests at the Sunset Brewgarden. Yes, all. And THEN the Rikkitun village ones. So that took longer than expected.  But it was not as frustrating as the search for Kaz’tik. I finally found him. Details are vague. He had an exclamation mark over him. I maintain it arrived suddenly, but that’s probably not true.

ONE TO GO. I could not find the Dissector for three days. I finally realized I should not consider other peoples’ directions ‘too vague, badly written, and for people doing it in order’ – I would never say that, honest! – I found a comment on WoWHead that had magic COORDINATES! And I found him. An exclamation mark in the very southwest corner of the Dread Wastes map! Woot! Become the Master of my student, kill some Saurok, collect some sap …


I’ve quickly gone way past my 10K Achievement point goal. My next aim is the 30 exalted reputations one. I’m missing one. Can’t decide which to go for: Cenarion Expedition or Kalu’ak. Probably cenarion.

Stay Klaxxi, and thank you for stopping by.

(Because everyone knows the best podcasters finish their show that way.)


Myinx Decides to Hang Up the Pink Dress


This week seems to have a general Transmog revamp theme.  I get obsessed with finding the perfect outfit for ONE of my characters and end up looking around for everyone. Helvette and Myinx have both been wearing the same outfit for most of Mists of Pandaria.  Helvette completed the Mooncloth outfit shortly before Christmas 2012, with significant help from a friend who actually transferred a character with the glove(?) shoulder (?) tailoring pattern to my server to help.∗ And Myinx got the ‘Pink Dress’ around the same time, or so it seems to me.  Helvette had been trying to get the Vestments of the Shifting Sands to drop for many years. In a show of typical Mage luck, Myinx picked them up instead.  I was so excited, I hadn’t dreamt of taking them off till this week!

But, a couple of posts ago, you saw how I’ve been working on Helvette’s outfit. While running level 70 raids to get the Absolution pieces – and, let’s face it, to even SEE The Battle for Mount Hyjal – a couple of Soulguard Tailoring Patterns was available at Friendly from the vendor.  The Soulguard Girdle is a particularly pretty belt, I thought.**

And, when I think pretty, I start Ctrl-Right clicking everything in my inventory (cause i keep a lot of … potentially useful stuff) to see what it goes with. I had to open my tailoring book to find the perfect fit: The Imbued Netherweave Robe! So simple, yet so fine.  Of course, Helvette can’t wear it, but Myinx can!! So, here she is … in a new frock!




If you’re interested in this complete look, Myinx’s shoulders are transmogrified to the Archmage Mantle (green drop lvl 70 raids). And the Frostwoven Gloves – lvl 360 Tailoring.



*Note: I have a softspot for the original Mooncloth set. It was the first ‘end game’ Rare set that I actually could craft much of myself. I have always loved making my own stuff – and this one was exciting and first! I even had to visit Moonwells in Night Elf land (I was undead at the time!). It’s also a simple and elegant design – something I wish was a trait more armor sets shared.

** Note: The bracers are also beautiful, but rarely spotted.


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