World of Warcraft Cinematic Reveal

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to experience the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Reveal in Los Angeles. The event was held in the historic United Artists theater (now the Ace Theater).  

Warlords Cinematic Reveal

The turnout was spectacular, and Blizzard put on a spectacular show. The venue was amazing.

I found a lot of the stuff Ion Hazzikostas and Brian Hollinka presented very interesting … and Chris Metzen’s enthusiasm and and passion was infectious as always.

The cinematic itself was tremendous. Really really excellent. I also really, really enjoyed the Lords of War, Episode 1. The sound editing was super super impressive.

I’m thrilled to finally know the release date for the expansion. Admittedly, I’m a little perplexed that the release is after BlizzCon, but I am trying to get over that. Trying and succeeding better than I expected to. I’m sure BlizzCon will still be an awesome event. 

So, fangirl status reconfirmed. Hype!!!

Sometimes it hurts.

I have 5 drafts I was supposed to work on today. But writing is deeply personal. In order to ring true, you must BE true. Being true requires writing about what is foremost on your mind.

Tonight, I am thinking about how I feel … finding the right word here is important. I don’t want to say abused. There are abused people, and I am certainly not one of them. I think ‘unappreciated’ is close, although I actually believe that I AM appreciated. What worries me is that I am not necessarily appreciated for my real skills.

(Side note: Alternatively, I’m a terrible judge of what my real skills actually are.  This would possibly, I’m nots sure, upset me more.)

I feel like I must present my ideas, beliefs, and decisions very badly. They either are completely not listened to, or, if they are listened to, absorbed/reworked as someone’s OWN ideas.  Part of me thinks this is totally my own fault. I am not respected as a person who knows what they are talking about. Personality fault? Presentation style?

Whatever. I just feel totally unappreciated. I’m supposedly a great person to have around. I’m a positive cheerleader. But trust me to contribute anything constructive? Never successful. This has been a recurring theme through my adult life. Most of the time I am happy to ignore it.

But sometimes it hurts.

Now and Then Meme

Age I was given: 34


  • Where I lived: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  • What I drove: A silver RAV4 – Mom car. Camping car. Family car.
  • What I did: Was writing an honors thesis on Chaucer (specifically textually related to his scribe and attribution of certain lines of text in the Wife of Bath’s Tale. Ground breaking.) for my Honor’s Degree in English Lit at University of Adelaide in prep for starting the Law program there.
    Also, Mom stuff. School drop off. School pick up. School sports. Crap I hate.

Age I am now: 43 – getting close to 44

  • Where I live: Littleton (Denver) Colorado
  • What I drive: BMW i335 Xdrive coupe. Not a mom car. Not a family car. Mine all mine
  • What I do: Artsy stuff: Photography (mostly landscape and pets), painting – just started, writing, creating and gaming. And still mom stuff.

Comment if you’d like me to give you an age.

Note; normally I don’t do the meme stuff, but what the hell, why not?

Sunday Morning Winning!

Group picture after a successful run!

Group picture after a successful run!


On our Sunday morning Achievement run today, we were doing some catchup. Our first go at the Heroic Scarlet Monastery achievements remainder incomplete after Molsan and I couldn’t quite get the And Stay Dead! achievement on our first run through. Krazerok (healer) came along this morning for our second go. As luck would have it, he needed all the achievements in there that we had already gotten, so we had a good time burning target dummies and such.

And Stay Dead! involves allowing Whitmaine to cast her Mass Resurrection spell and summon zillions of adds and still killing her and Durand (for a second time). Molsan tanked, I held back so she had time to cast it, then let loose with Halo and Mind Sear and a bunch of Pain. Nice to have heals, that’s for sure! But look at us! We did it!

I only have 9 individual achievements left now for the Meta achievement. Hopefully I have time to finish before Warlords comes out! (Or hopefully not?)

Oh – spot the tentative Salty!


It’s mine!!


First rabbit kill - 8 man kill - mine all mine!

First rabbit kill – 8 man kill – mine all mine!

Short story version: I am lucky lucky lucky! Today is a good day!

Long version: I was riding around doing the fishing quest on Darkmoon Island on my monk. There! The rabbit! All by it’s lonesome! NOT DEAD! I have seen it ONE TIME before , but that time it was dead. I quickly logged out and logged in Helvette, heart in my mouth. Of course NO ONE is on in guild, only husband. I force Mr. Strumpet to join my raid. I spam general chat. We have SIX people. We wipe. We miraculously get two more and NO ALLIANCE in sight. We have Mr. strumpet’s awesome turtle tank pet. We have a healer. We DOWN the rabbit!

I tell everyone roll ‘need’. My heart stops. The screen flashes something purple at me!

ZOMG! Wow! I know what I’m doing today! #levelto25

Hope you’re having an awesome Sunday!

Jade Plateish

Pseudo Jade Plate


A while back I told you in my World of Warcraft series on YouTube that I had mailed a nearly complete set of Jade Plate from my banker to my Paladin – except not to my Paladin, to Ta. Ta was someone inactive. Brilliant. Thirty day wait. Do you know how long it took me to FARM that stuff??? Not to mention BUY …

So, I farmed boots, gloves, chestpiece, belt, and bracers. Oh and I farmed it all myself by the way. Den whompers, Un’Goro, you name it, I farmed it. For a LONG time.

Thanks to a wonderful GM, and a support ticket, I got my stuff back.

Now, you’ll notice it’s not a typical Jade Plate transmog set. First of all, the shoulders. I don’t like the shoulders for the set that I have. They are very big and bulky. Tallulabelle’s hair gets all caught up in them. And the legplates. Unfortunately, they have the bare butt look, which I am NOT a fan of. So, I shopped around a little. These are the Legplates of Valor. I quite like them, although on close inspection the color is not right.  The shield is something I picked up in BRD. And the mace is the War Mace of Unrequited Love, which she got back when she was a Dwarf in Wrath, healing then too.

I quite like it … but it needs a little polishing. It’s good enough for heals for now.  And, as you can see, her butt is covered!

No Jade Leg Plates here


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