All Pets Allowed pre-Warlords special

Widget the Departed

I’ve been meaning to get back to recording for All Pets Allowed for a while now. And finally, it has happened.

iTunes podcast updating is ludicrous. If you listen any other way (Downcast, Stitcher, direct website) please enjoy my interview, well, chat with Jeppy about the pets and changes of patch 6.0.whatever.

This recording was actually started in the middle of a ‘normal’ 2 hour conversation we had on Skype. “Oh – I guess if we’re going to talk pet stuff I should actually hit ‘record’!”  We do not talk often enough – but when we do, this is what it’s like!


NOTE: I may rename All Pets Allowed to All Pets Allowed Plus – so that I can talk about more than just pet stuff – or I might not rename it – just change the tag to “Companion & battle pet talk for collectors, battlers, brawlers, and dabblers in World of Warcraft. And a bunch of other stuff too.”

Because, you know, I talk about a  lot of stuff.

Cash Flow: Gone!


Now that Guild Levels are gone, so is the perk, Cash Flow, which contributed an additional percentage of coin looted directly to the Guild Bank. In the past, I have used this perk as an argument for keeping Guild funds available for repairs.
Cash Flow - 5 months total

In order to see how valuable it really was, I kept track of how much I contributed to the bank via looting from the end of May using an addon called Waritko’s Cash Flow. It kept a total of all my alts’ looting for me. And here it is: A grand total of 3124 gold, 57 silver and some copper. I think that’s pretty good. But it’s gone now. And with it being gone, unless we start doing way more guild dungeon challenges for that 250 gold, I’d say it’s time to reevaluate the guild repairs option.

I made that and I’m Proud of It!

This view of Mercury Bay was shot from Shakespeare’s Cliff in the Coromandel, New Zealand. I spent a lot of time getting completely happy with it and was very nervous when I unrolled the printed canvas from the printer. I couldn’t be happier, really!  I had it printed up as a gift for my Mother and Father in-law. When I never really heard that much about it, I wasn’t that surprised. They’re used to me forcing my photography upon them. But then my sister-in-law and her husband asked if they could possibly have a copy too. (For my views on asking your family or friends for free art, you’ll have to catch me with a looser tongue.)

I was, of course flattered that they asked, and got another canvas (well, actually two – I have one in reserve now) and shipped it, lovingly rolled up, down to New Zealand for them. This past week, they showed me the framed result.

Speechless!! The white matting an frame are perfect for it! Can’t wait to get down there and sign that baby, because, let me tell you I am PROUD of that photo. It’s one of my pieces that I would not be ashamed to sell. Have you seen the prices of fine art photography these days?

Mercury Bay

I’m so glad they like it,and I hope they get a lot of enjoyment from it.

I have been at this ‘Photography thing’ a good few years now.  Sometimes, I think I’m getting pretty good. Others, I think I’ll never get to be as good a I want to be! I think this is probably an issue for most artists/creators.  And I think it’s also a good thing, overall. It is what drives you to become better and better. When I tell people that I don’t have a ‘job’ outside the home, they always look at me as a ‘stay at home mom’. There’s nothing wrong with stay at home moms, but that is NOT how I choose to label  myself. I consider myself an artist/photographer. I shouldn’t have to sell my work in order for that ‘job’ or ‘profession’ to be valid. It’s not some little hobby. It’s hard work, talent, and dedication.

Anyway, I’m really proud of this one, and it was a thrill to see it displayed so well.

Mercury Bay 2

Note: this piece is not available to purchase from my SmugMug site ( – mainly because of it’s unique sizing etc. But if you are interested in it, please send me a message through my photography Facebook page: . I would love to discuss selling it to you. Pricing will be comparative to other fine art photography.



Icebergs in Pandaria???

Icebergs spotted in Pandaria


I have to admit, that title is a LITTLE misleading! But there ARE Icebergs in Pandaria – technically.

I’ll tell you where I found it! Yesterday, I took my mage on down to Nat Pagle with a Flying Tiger Gourami – as you do. On a whim, I thought I’d just check I had everything interesting he had to offer for sale. I was pretty sure I did, because Helvette has been Best Buddies with Nat for a long time. But NO! There was an item there I had never seen!!

850 gold, mind you. But so cool!


I thought WoW! They added a new thing - Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg!! Sweet! I bought it, of course.  Now, this morning, I went on down to see Nat about an Iceberg on Helvette. Nope. Not there.

So, I read the tooltip a little more closely … “on a conjured …” a ha!!! Mage only!!

I like it a lot, but I’m not sure where the Icebergs are melting off.

THIS is fun Shadow Priesting!

Helvette the Crazy Cat Lady - Absolution-MoonclothI don’t understand the complaining about the SP changes on the official forums; I am THRILLED with the change in performance –

It’s taking a while to get used to what will work best with the changes, but I have an overwhelmingly positive response so far. So worried it will be taken away from me.

My one criticism after playing all weekend is the Void Tendril talent – basically anything I do will kill the tendrils instantly, they’re pretty much useless.

Also, I had gotten very accustomed to ‘cheating’ with a renew now and then. And relied maybe a little much on an emergency group heal with Halo. But the Dispersion mechanic is actually fun and new and exciting and something to learn.  It’s fun living on the edge!

Helvette jumping

Two months into a half-empty nest


It’s definitely time to update how I feel about the kid being gone to college in the big city. He’s been living ‘on his own’ now for two months. It’s hard to describe how I feel. Most days I would tell you that “Oh no, I don’t miss him.”  But this, of course, is not the case. I don’t pine for him either though. And I’m not sad. The feeling is a mother who cannot read the little signs that tell her how her son is really doing.

In many ways, I enjoy not having him home. (Sorry, son! Not to be confused with not loving you!) He took up a lot of space – as young men do when they get older. Tall, gangly, shedding socks in some magical way. The upstairs hallway doesn’t smell of his deodorant after he’s done in the shower in the morning. I can’t hear him and his brother bicker. I don’t have to listen for the garage door to know he’s home safe. His room is no longer a mess (I fixed that, finally!)  And well, more of that sort of stuff.

But of course I miss him! He’s such a fun, bright, caring young man. His brother is not quite as reliable at bringing groceries in from the car when he hears me (Oh – I didn’t know you were home). He is funny. And I DON’T KNOW HOW HE REALLY IS DOING. His father would tell me that’s how it is supposed to be. He is growing up, and that is a good thing. And I really feel that way too. But it’s hard.  He tells me he’s happy – that he’s really loving the whole experience. I’m betting that’s true. But I don’t know if he keeps something back. BECAUSE I CAN’T TELL! He has always been keen to do the ‘right’ ‘polite’ thing. To tell me what I want to hear. And that makes me worry he’s just trying not to worry me. (or something like that). Is he lonely? Does he enjoy it there? Does he hate the roommate that he’s mentioned is a bit of a problem of weekends? Does he know he can probably fix that issue? What are his friends like? Does he feel comfortable with them?

It’s like the first day of 1st grade or Kindergarten, except lasting much much much longer.

I’m OK – I don’t want to sound like I’m whiny or feeling purposeless or feeling frantic. But there are these underlying things that I feel. And I think it’s just hard for a Mom. Because the role never stops.


Arthas for Hallows End?


Widget the Departed

When I went to buy my Widget the Departed with my Painstakingly acquired 150 (the first of two sets of 150 if I want the Cursed Birman too), I had a look at Chub’s other wares. Nifty! A 50 use Lich King costume!!  FOR 1000 yes – ONE THOUSAND candy!  Yaikes – not this year!  But read on:
arthas costumeWhen I did some more digging, I found a link to this helpful post from Bashiok:

hotfix arthas

It looks like, as of tomorrow (Monday Oct 20) hotfixes, it will be halved. Nothing’s true till it happens, but it would be a BIT of an improvement!

I really don’t like the ‘around the world’ collection achievements and holiday activities, so I hope to force myself to do the 150 still needed for the Cursed Birman :(

Which pet or costume will YOU prioritize?



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